Wednesday, March 30, 2011




OMG! and (see links above to go to there websites) have new coupons for you to order!  Here is your chance to get even more coupons.  Anyone want to join me???

If you go to you can order the following:

*Save $1.00 on Cavendish Red Diced Potatoes

*Save $0.75 on Lassonde flavur
*Save $4.00 on Wampole Liquid Calcium
*Save $0.75 on Oasis Premium Health Break Juice Nature's Collection
*Save $0.75 on Oasis Nutrisource Juice
*Save $1.00 on Cavendish Sweet Potato Strips

And at Websaver. ca:

*Save $0.75 on Catelli Smart Pasta

*Save $0.50 on Eggo Waffles Reg. Size
*Save $1.00 on Astro BioBest Probiotic Yogurt
*Save $0.75 on Rice Krispies Squares
*Save $0.75 on Catelli Smart Pasta
*Save $1.00 on Clorox Bleach

Click here for
Click here for

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 Spring Fling 50% off over 1,000 Titles


I read so much.  And I read almost anything.  I'm such an avid reader, I've had to replace my library card because I've worn it out once already (and that is a good thing......right?????)  Anyway, here is a chance for you to order books for as low as $0.99.  And there are so many genre's to choose from.  Fiction, childrens, house and home.  You name it.  Browse all the books on sale at and enjoy the experience.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Brandsaver is BACK! Launch date of March 30, 2011


Ok, I love this website for getting coupons.  You sign up, pick the coupons you want, need or can trade, and wait for them to show up in the mail a week later.  Now that is as easy as it gets.  No instant gratification of taking them off tear pads, but the next best thing. has provided some really amazing coupons in the past (high value) so it's worth the look.  And remember, usually one week after the website goes live, we get the Brandsaver Flyer in our newspaper (which always gives you the chance to buy a couple of papers if you want extra coupons.  I'ts usually worth the expense just in the savings alone!)

Click here to go to

Friday, March 25, 2011

Buy One Get One 1/2 Half Off - Flip Flops and Payless Shoes


I really love it when Payless has a sale.  I can go and buy shoes at a price that I can really afford.  They aren't the absolute best, but in situations (or sales) like this, it's great.  Not only would I get flip flops for the pool, but I can get extra for the gym, and for walking around and ....... well, you get the picture.  Enjoy the shopping, but remember it's all over April 4, 2011.

Find your Payless Shoe Store Here

Rexall/PharmaPlus Super Bonus Event - March 25 & March 26 only!


If you are an air miles collector, here is a prime opportunity to gain free (or next to free) air miles.  Gather up all your FPC (free product coupons) and use them along with your other coupons at Rexall this weekend.  As long as your total (without coupons) is $50 or more, you get the 50 Bonus points.

Some great deals to look for (and the coupons to go with it):

Royale and Royale Ultra $3.99 - $1 = $2.99
Old Spice Shower Gel $3.99 - $1 = $2.99 OR $3 wub2 = $2.49 each
Secret Deodorant $2.49 - $7 wub3 = $0.47 for 3
Secret Deodorant $2.49 - $4 wub 2 = $0.98 (or $0.49 each)
Thinsations $1.99 - B1G1 Free = $1.99 for 2

Find your local flyer here by entering your postal code

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life Made Delicious Canada Coupons


Life Made Delicous has some GREAT coupons right now. You have to register to order them, but that only takes a few minutes. If you combine these coupons with a sale the items could potentially be FREE!

*Save $1.00 on Hamburger Helper
*Save $1.00 on Pillsbury Crescents
* Save $1.00 on Old El Paso Dinner Kit
*Save $1.00 on Nature Valley Granola Bars
*Save $1.00 on Green Giant Frozen Product
*Save $1.00 on Betty Crocker Frosting
*Save $1.00 on Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
*Save $1.00 on Pillsbury Toaster Strudels
*Save $1.00 on Fibre1 Bars
*Save $1.00 on Betty Crocker Potatoes

Click here to order your coupons.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's that time again!  Another 20X OP offer.  It's only for March 26, 2011 so get your shopping lists and coupons together.  Another little tip is to buy a shoppers gift card (using your OP card here too for more points) this way you are gaining all the points that you can.  HAVE FUN!